On Point Alchemy… Magnesium muscle remedy information

On Point Alchemy… Magnesium muscle remedy information

Magnesium Balm

Alchemised with essential oils… Made with love and integrity by Tahi & Rose designs. For Arwen’s ” On Point Alchemy” range… Watch this space… theres more to come!



Aloha amazing people

I was absolutely honoured at the astounding response and incredible feedback for the Magnesium Balm.

It was so incredibly popular that we completely sold out within a couple of days of launching the product and i have begun to fill back orders and take orders for more this week. As We are now back on track and receiving a steady supply from amazing Tahi & Rose who have designed and brought this product to life.

Due to the incredible demand I’ve created this page and a PayPal option for ease of ordering and shipping… and for me keeping track of product sales.

I am currently working on a range of products that will be called “On Point Alchemy” named so as my full intention is to make incredible products with the utmost care and integrity that work.. keeping them ” On Point” in their effective and healing properties.

And  the Magnesium Balm is the first of the range


Keeping it true to form, On Point and concise… Here are a few of the Benefits of this incredible balm.

  • Fantastic for the relief of muscular pain
  • Excellent for the relief of cramps. either muscular, growing aches and pains or even period cramps.
  • Great for relaxing the nervous system.. bringing a state of calm and even aiding sleep.
  • Superb for aching feet and necks ( i personally use it daily for this)
  • Magnesium absorbs best topically through the skin and this reduces the heavy mineral traffic through the kidney. Delivering the magnesium quickly and efficiently to the site.
  • Fast acting… no joke 5-10 mins after application you are receiving results.

I could go on all day about the properties and benefits… but give it a go yourself. And there is further information and ingredients list on my blog if you would like to know more.

Here’s an image of the ingredients


Receiving letters from clients like this beautiful note below…. really fills my heart with happiness… if this balm can ease your pain… its worth a try!

“Hi my dear Arwen, I just have to let you know that my husband has had wonderful relief from his back pain with your magnesium cream. He has been suffering back pain for quite some time and after I rubbed the cream in he found a lot of relief. I did it for him several times and he noticed a big difference.
A couple of nights ago he was up late watching Tele and he often gets achy legs. He told me next morning, he rubbed some of the cream in and the relief was almost instant
How wonderful.
I must tell you, he’s a bit of a sceptic too, so how great is that!!
He has asked me to order a larger jar for him. If that is possible I will have to get you to send it up here to our farm please. We don’t have a mailbox, so we would have to send it ( i deleted the address for her privacy).
If we can arrange this once you have made more it would be great.
It’s all the love and good intent you have put into it too which promotes the relief.
Great work Arwen
I don’t always get good coverage here for my iPad. I usually take it into town with me when I go to get good signal.
Keep up the good work.
Lots of love, Val xo”

What a treasure has been created… much thanks to Tahi & Rose for bringing this product to life.
Stocks are limited… at this stage we are facilitating making 12 tubs per week. So if you miss out.. perhaps send me a message and i will take pre orders for the following batch.

much love and hugs



note: postage is an extra $7.45 for 1-12 tubs or local pick up can be arranged if you contact me directly



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