Bookings Lomi Lomi massage & Bodywork Sessions

Bookings  Lomi Lomi massage & Bodywork Sessions

Lomi Lomi Massage & Bodywork

Lomi Lomi Massage and Bodywork  is unique in its approach to dealing with the body, mind and energy levels as a whole.

Lomi Lomi  Massage is far more than a regular massage. It works your muscles, your frame, meridian lines / energy pathways. Fantastic as a full body lymphatic massage which aides detox and generally a great way to improve your immune system function. The depths that can be reached with This style massage are astounding. As it works greatly on warming and releasing the muscle and tissue fibres.

A journey of sorts. Aligning  the physical and metaphysical aspects of healing and bringing complete balance to the individual. Which in turn aides relaxation and healing on many levels.

An incredible relaxation massage therapy that takes you into a path of self awareness and empowerment. A fantastic body alignment and muscle tension relief.

Kahuna Massage and bodywork

Lomi Lomi Massage Session Options

  • 1hr full body relaxation Massage $120
  • 1.5 hr full body, head and feet relaxation massage and some deep work $150
  • 2hr full session includes entire body massage and alignment. Head, neck and feet. Energy body work session. Guided affirmation or meditation$180
  • 1.5hr pregnancy massage  tailored to you $150
  • 1 hr 4 hands Massage ( two therapists working on your body simultaneously for an hour… saving time and taking you to an amazing state of wellbeing and relaxation) $180 Thursdays and Mondays.
  • Couples  and group massage sessions also available. We can Massage up to 3 people at a time… inquiries and bookings must be made directly through Arwen Ph 0457 424 570 $90 per person per hour
  • Ceremonial massage session… this an experience to be had. Perfect for life’s big transformations and changes. Such as rights of passage. Marriages, important birthdays or perhaps simply a desire for an absolutely amazing experience. Usually about 2.5 hours long (sending on the individual) and this session is the only session of the day. So must be booked directly through Arwen via ph: 0457424570 $500
  • Lomi Lomi Courses & Retreats Click here for more info

Additional Options:

The following add-on services are available. This can be discussed during consultation, prior to your session commencing:

  • Assisted stretching and Polynesian floor massage
  • Meditation ( fantastic on the end of a session)
  • Emotional release
  • Deep tissue , trigger point release & meridian line work
  • lymphatic massage
  • chakra balance and energy work


Payment options and package deals


To arrange payment options or buy a loyalty pack for regular clients  you must contact me directly on 0457424570 Via txt and I will return your call ASAP 




Check available dates, venues and times by using our easy online booking app. Click on the BOOK NOW button below… For package deals and couple sessions or longer sessions for special occasions… contact Arwen on 0457424570  so suitable booking times can be made ?