Bowen Therapy at The Healing Hub

Bowen Therapy at The Healing Hub


Bowen Therapy at The Healing Hub



I recieved an Impromptu mini Bowen Therapy at The Healing Hub in Nelson Bay. And watched my Neice have one also. So gentle, yet so effective.

Walking into the space at the Healing Hub, you feel an instant sense of calm. Whether that’s to do with the lighting, the energy, or the use of essential oils, something changes in your being once you walk up those steps. The team at the Healing Hub have worked their magic into every corner of the space, making it a warm and welcoming environment where you instantly feel at ease.

Recently I dropped into the Hub to chat with Arwen about her massage, and I met Suzie. Suzie was in the middle of a Bowen therapy session on Arwen’s daughter, Phoenix, and I was allowed to view and see for myself what sort of experience it was. With young children myself, I know that there is sometimes a bit of an inner struggle about whether your children should be massaged, however Phoenix was in a place of complete trust and safety, with her mum watching over should she feel any nervousness.

After Suzie had completed her session with Phoenix, she and I chatted about the idea and practice behind Bowen Therapy, and she performed some Bowen Therapy on my neck. I am someone who holds so much tension in my neck. My posture is terrible, I’m often at a computer, and I find that my shoulders just tend to move forward as the day progresses. After a slight but very gentle manipulation, I found myself feeling instantly lighter, turning my head from side to side was a much more gentle process than before, and I too felt that same glow that I had seen in Phoenix. I was amazed that such a gentle touch could do so much, but as Suzie explained to me, the therapy allows your body to heal itself, and to continue healing itself, without being invasive in anyway.

I walked away from our meeting in somewhat of a trance, walking on air, and after only a small session on my neck. I can imagine I would literally float away if I had a full session.

If you think you or your child might benefit from a session of Bowen Therapy with Suzie, please contact the Healing Hub and rest assured that you are in good hands.

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