Hula with Aloha in the Bay

Hula with Aloha in the Bay


Mana O Kahiko

Bringing Hula Aloha to the Bay



Aloha amazing people….

Have you ever felt drawn to the amazing Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands?


I am so excited to be able to Invite you to this incredible weekend Hula workshop ….. Loaded with amazingly powerful and love filled Aloha, movement and music.

Hula is far more than just a dance…. It’s an art… A stunning way of connecting with self, others and higher spirit through absolutely beautiful dance and story telling combined.

Not only will Hula bring Aloha into your spirit and emotional state in  a feeling of connection with deep unconditional love.

Hula is also brilliant for your physical body through gentle and rhythmic movement… So beneficially for mind, body a spirit co-ordination and connection… Bringing yourself back into a state of wholeness with Aloha and joy.

We are blessed to have an amazing team of Hawaiian traditional healing teachers, practitioners and masters  on our door step just for a short while..

Introducing Mana O Kahiko… And the best part is that Kumu Pa’a Kawika Foster is located in Dungog… He is considering offering a weekly lesson In the bay if the passion of the people is here.

So let’s fill the Bay with Hula Aloha 💕💕💕


This workshop is bound to be a beautiful and empowering experience not to be missed… I mean… Have you ever felt the healing power of Joy, Dance and Music…. The healing power of Connection with other glorious and like minded souls????

Needless to say, I am super excited and definitely signing up for the workshop and later on weekly lessons  for sure.

Where: Bayfit Horizons Golfcourse , Salamander Bay

When: 19th & 20th of November – 10am -2pm each day

Investment: $225 for entire weekend workshop 🙌🏽 stunning value

What to bring : your beautiful amazing self, a water bottle and something Comfy to dance and move in. A skirt or sarong is great. Perhaps leggings or shorts underneath if your skirt is short etc.

Can You feel it in your bones?


This could be an amazing weekend workshop that may lead to so much more… 

Jump on the Aloha train… And call in love, healing, good health and friendship into your life

Come Dance yourself into a life filled with Aloha with me

Much love Arwen

Ps, there is a booking button below .. Spaces are limited  so don’t let the opportunity slip by.


Alternatively.. You can contact me directly to secure your space. Via e,mail


Let’s Hula 


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