“The Ninja within”

“The Ninja within”


Do you have a Ninja within

Have you every felt that quiet calm? The feeling that comes often with a realised capability. No need to worry or brag…. No pull of the ego for you to prove your worth… Because in that moment you know ‘you’ve got this’ all the issues fall away and you are here and now in this exquisite present moment.

I often think of this as my inner Ninja…. Because it feels as though my warrior within  is completely in control and I can let go…. Let go of it all and be completely present in the moment. I feel a quiet and peaceful strength a realisation of abilities beyond my understanding and an acceptance that that I may never infact know or understand it all, and that’s ok.

Oh the peace and calm of it

Manawa … ” be present… Now is the moment of power”

My recent trip out to The Oasis and One mile with Kai has really brought not only the importance of being completely present and mindful to mind but also the importance of play… Play and joy… The kind that takes you back to childhood times of having a completely fun & goodtime with no effort at all… With no concerns of how it may appear or wether you should or shouldn’t… Stepping for a time outside of the pressures of the world that can weigh down adult lives.

with the pressures and restrictions of being an adult/ parent/ business owner in this current world… For people like me it can be stifling… It can feel like treading never unending water. And on top of that there’s at times very odd social perceptions… For example:I’ve had at least 5 people insinuate some kind of crush on Kai which is not at all true. And not very nice considering we both have families we love very much… However should that altered perception of others actually affect forward motion … Should it make people cage up and not participate or try to not act to friendly or nice… Hmmmm… My answer is hell no! That is allowing the perception of  others directly affect your future, your path and your family… Introducing warrior inner ninja… The beautiful internal aspect of self that quickly evaluates what is and what is not your shit to take on and promptly kicks the bullshit out the door without a sweat in order to continue forth on ones path.

It doesn’t take long to shift that perception and call joy and calm quickly back into your present moment, your day, your life…. If you are just open to it. And often doing so with self can then flow out into the world and others will catch on… If open to that level of perception of course.

whether it’s a matter of having a quick stop , reset and calling awareness back in to a state of  Manawa  or just allowing your playfull childlike spirit to surface and have fun within the present moment…. There are many many ways to self heal and start working towards enjoying your life, your family, your friends and and the present moment.

The inner ninja comes in many forms. A quiet capable strength , a playful lighthearted child, a warrior fierce and filled with foresight, a deep intuitive knowing or Awarness without being sucked into the dramas of others.  My favourite is the Nature inner ninja…. There’s nothing like getting out into nature and allowing it to flow freely through you, relinquishing all boundaries and built up shields even if just for a moment.

Whats you inner being like? Are there many facets?  Do you have an inner warrior? A god or goddess, a clown or jester of sorts, a quiet intellect … A shadow even?

Id love to hear your thoughts of bringing peace , joy , fun and gratitude back into your life….id love to hear it all… How do you shift from moments that threaten to bring you down? Or do you embrace the down perhaps knowing you will rise again after a rest.

Together let’s make the vibrations of this world rise… And unshackle ourselves from the heavy weighted energies of fear, sadness and guilt. They may be healthy to experience momentarily… Yet let’s make a concious decision to shift through and rise…  For me…. It’s my inner ninja.  Capable enough to fight the battles and yet aware enough to realise that true strength and empowerment comes with the good things… Love , Joy and action on such things.

Mind thoughts

with love




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