” Real food culture”

” Real food culture”

Real food culture…. A small local company that is striving forth in leaps and bounds to provide organic produce, support local organic farmers and create a healthier & happier 


I have been somewhat inspired by an amazing local woman & owner of Real food culture in Port Stephens (Kristy Arnell) who is putting her heart and soul into not only promoting but also distributing local organic produce at remarkably low prices to the local community.

I have been following Real food culture on social media for a while now. And am so impressed with the positivity and good health they are bringing to the local community… That I Just wanted to share.


Here is an image of a $35 veggie box + $ $30 fruit box and a dozen eggs … For $65 my family of 4 was pretty busy getting through all of this in just one week … Incredible quality and value… And my children love veggies again because fresh veggies taste soooooo good!


Every 5-6 weeks they also offer a pantry order and oh my goodness… The available selections are divine. I’ve even learnt more about food just from looking at what they have on their online shop

The importance of eating freshly picked and pesticide freed fruit & vegetables is profound. Did you know that the pesticides used on in-Organic produce are often carcinogenic ( possibly cancer causing amongst other things such as dementia eczema and I’m sure many other issues)

Not only that, but often produce is shipped in from over seas and even stored for weeks at a time. Loosing much of its nutritional content in the process.

I was informed of a ridiculous notion that Australian apples are in fact bought for a ridiculously small amount, shipped to Africa to be waxed and then shipped back to Australia weeks later to be sold in large grocery stores… I’m not fear monger inf in any way. But these methods surely are ridiculous…. I mean who wants wax on their apples anyway right!

Also this isn’t a sustainable behaviour for our local farmers and produce suppliers. That’s why I love what Real Food Culture are doing so very much. 

Bam… Not only supplying healthy, freshly picked organic produce from local suppliers as much as pheasible…. It’s super affordable and Kristy personally creates drop of locations and times to aide with delivering to nearby areas. And if you’ve ever been stuck at the shops for over an hour stressed to the eyeballs trying to do groceries with your kids in tow… Gosh I bet you can appreciate how much easier it is to simply order online and pick up your organic groceries on a Thursday.

My Hat goes off to the efforts of Kristy at Real food culture in thanks & gratitude. For working her butt off towards a cause that is close to her heart. 

Creating a happier and healthier community

Mahalo Real food culture…. I hope to see your business bloom creating a beautiful positive impact on our very lucky Port Stephens area.

we are lucky to have you on our doorstep

Google Real food culture

or here is a link to follow  to the  for anyone who would like to support a wonderful small family run business that is supporting farmers and community alike Real food culture website or https://www.facebook.com/groups/332483610266766/

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  • Kristy

    September 7, 2016 at 10:08 am Reply

    Arwen, you beautiful soul. Thank you so much for sharing your love of what we are doing at Real Food Culture.
    You to are doing amazing things with your business and those healing hands.
    I couldn’t find what I needed locally , so I created it. Id love to welcome your followers into our community. Working together to buy organics affordably.

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