” fitness & movement “

” fitness & movement “



Aloha lovely humans ?

Haha I do feel a little alien at times… And that’s why I thought I’d write this blog on  how wonderful movement and breath work can be for your mind, body and energy levels… Also wonderful for clearing and shifting any stuck or sluggish economy energy.

Not only does movement create energy, keep you fit, string and prevent future injuries/ weaknesses, bolster the immune system and even libido … It downright just makes you feel better.

Wonderful for your body as an entire system. Getting your circulation pumping , your cardiovascular system generating breath ( I highly advise having wonderful breathing practices) such things can be learnt well with yoga or meditation as a practice of stillness. However I have found movement meditations amazing for increasing energy levels and also clearing any negative energy/ thought processes… One of my favourite ways to quickly lift my spirits is to simply pop on a couple of my favourite tunes and dance dance dance… Or go for a run out in nature.

I don’t feel that it matters so much what kind of exercise you are doing… As long as you get moving.

our bodies are not designed for the amount t of sitting that we do in this day and age. It seems our collective search for comforts are so what also making us sluggish.

So weather it’s a gentle walk at sunrise, a vigorous run or heavy weights session… The world of fitness is vast and there is an option out ther to suit you… If you feel nervous or could even just use a bit of encouragement find a personal trainer or team sport you like… At the ripe age of 37 and a past of fitness I am currently working with a wonderful personal trainer. Simply because I lost my mojo and I’ve taken up a new sport (boxing) because it’s fun and I sometimes need something that is a little driven and will make me work hard. The thing I love about martial arts is that it incorporates fitness, movement, breath work and very specificity and well instructed training/ discipline…


I watched Thai chi give my grandfather much relief from discomfort in his ageing years and found it too was a wonderful strengthening and also nervous system calm form of exercise that got me back on track after pregnancy.

it doesn’t matter where or when you start… Just get moving… Get breathing… Ignite your inner spark and bring some power or mana back into your life

never worry about asking for help… Ask for all the help you need if you feel you’ve lost your mojo

even something as simple as plan in a morning walk or run with a friend can help you call a little more movement into your life…. And you’ll feel better for it straight away. The endorphins released through exercise are also a natural antidepressant

big love and I’m off for a run myself right now


love Arwen


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