“Tranquillum Hemp Balm”

“Tranquillum Hemp Balm”


Tranquillum Hemp Balm

With MSM , Magnesium & Essential oils 

by On Point Alchemy 

I am so super excited to be adding Tranquillum hemp balm to the On Point Alchemy range. After much research , creating and trialing… It is here!

So… The question is… ‘what are the Uses & Benefits?’

And the answer lay within the ingredients ….

The Uses :   topical calming balm that aides skin recovery , healing, reduction in fine lines, scaring and pigmentation. Also a wonderful anti inflammetory and superb calming night balm to aide a restful sleep or calm state of mind. Beneficial for use whilst in meditation and a wonderful nighttime massage balm. I’ve been using this on my face at night and am definitely noticing very positive results with my skin…. And it helps me sleep.. So how good is that!

The Ingredients:  All ingrediants are organic and majority have been locally sourced. They have all been specifically selected for their incredible calming, repairing and effective qualities…. I like products that work. That have a purpose and Tranquillum certainly is that… And had a couple of extra wonderful benefits also.  I will pin point the ingrediants and benefits below.

Hemp seed oil

  • Organic, Food grade Hemp oil: This high quality hemp oil is the major base product in this balm. I’ve selected it specifically for the Omega 3 ,Omega 6 fatty acids and combination of vitamin A, E and D that it contains. The Omega oils are brilliant for your skin, circulation, aide in reducing rashes or itchy dry skin. Vitamins A and E are also wonderful for the skin and vitamin D AIDS in calcium absorption which also aides soothing and softening the skin. Hemp oil also contains trace elements of Potassium, phosphorous and magnesium… All in all this oil is a topical godsend for your skin. Particularly when used at night. Which is when this balm is best intended. Known for reducing rashes, scaring, inflammation and irritation hemp oil is a perfect fit for the Tranquillum balm.  Hemp oil taken orally is also renowned for regulating hormone production, improving circulation and wonderful neurological effects from the Omega oils.


  • Pure MSM powder: Known as “The miracle mineral” MSM is a vital mineral that is naturally produced and carried within the human cellular system. It is essential for tissue recovery and repair. As we age it declines… So consuming it orally or applying it topically is highly recommended for most people. MSM is highly beneficial and effective at reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scaring (particularly associated with acne)  and pigmentation on the skin. It is also incredible effective for joint pain associated with inflammation and relieving headaches. This brilliant mineral works wonders. I personally use it often both orally and topically …. But the biggest surprise I’ve found is how wonderful it is for my skin… And at nearly 40 years old that is super important to me…. If it’s helping me repair and regenerate so quickly on the outside… I can imagine the internal benefits are just as astounding. Taken orally as a powder mixed with water it also aides detox as it is a powerful antioxidant.  I love MSM!!!


  • Magnesium Chloride: How good is magnesium… I mean honestly. It aides muscular tissue repair. Decreases stress , aides sleep, reduces inflammation. Eases if not completely gets rid of muscular pain associated with excercise or cramping. It’s great for your skin… Can help to also regulate hormones and is brilliant for the relief of anxiety. It was a must on my ingrediants list!


  • The Essential oils and herbal extract: This is a combination of Organic and locally sourced essential oils and extracts. Chosen for their specific calming purposes. My aim was to make a balm that not only calmed and soothed the skin that is mild , effective and also smells completely wonderful… Essential oils are wonderful and thes particular few are pin pointed at putting your mind and sense at ease. Whilst being gentle and soothing on your skin.  I included essential oils of Orange, Ylang Ylang and lavender… Blended with a stunning herbal extract of chamomile.  All of thes ingrediants induce a state of calm well being and are soothing to the skin.  On a personal note” I love that after using the Tranquillum hemp balm … My room and bed has a beautiful lingering scent of this calming balm “


So you see… It’s the incredible ingrediants grown by our beautiful Mother Earth …. Brought together into a little pot by On Point Alchemy

And It works!!!

Tranquillum Hemp Balm …..Soothing and improving your skin… While it aides in sleep and a general overall sense of wellbeing ‘

Made with love by Arwen for On Point Alchemy

oh… I’d best include a link for purchase

Purchase Tranquillum Hemp balm here


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  • Nicole Shields

    July 9, 2016 at 10:27 am Reply

    Arwens balms and products are beyond amazing. I love them for the relief that they bring to me, mind, body and soul.
    I suffer with cluster headaches on occasions and have found the magnesium included in the balm useful in easing my pain. I rub it into my face, neck and shoulders and knowing that I am using the naturalest of products is important too as I have sensitive skin.
    Thank you Arwen for gifting us with your magical balms xx

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