“Magnesium muscle rub”

“Magnesium muscle rub”

Aloha all…

I am so super excited about this.

I searched and searched for the perfect muscle balm for me… I couldn’t find it… So we made it ??


For the last couple of years I have been using magnesium oil for sore muscles and to aide sleep… Also for my sons growing pains. It works really well. But I wasn’t fond of the consistency and also as most of you know I have participated in often excessive physical training and sports… So I know all too well about muscle pain, injuries and sleep deprivation due to lots of exercise.

This prompted me to search for a product.. A magnesium based sports balm… Something with the oils in it to heat and heal the muscle… To aide in recovery from inflammation … Magnesium chloride to bring fast , affective and on going tissue relief amongst many other benefits  and I wanted this preservative free and to be pure goodness… Also I wanted frankinscence as its the most effective oil I’ve found for actually separating blood cells purely thru topical application, not to mention the effects it has on calming the nervous system and has been related to cancer prevention amongst a miriad of other benefits.

Unable to find the ‘ideal’ muscle balm… Well I decided I should create it… Yet I’m not a chemist or an apocathry … So I went to Tahi & Rose designs to ask if they could make the balm I envisioned.

Oh and what an absolute treasure it is. Not only has Rheannon thouroughly researched every single ingredient. It has been made from the best products and with the utmost integrity. Completely preservative free… All amazing raw products … Slow heated as to not interfere with the active ingredients in the essential oils or to disrupt the salts.

So….What can it do for you???

when you see and feel this product… You know it’s not only been made straight from the heart it’s a combination of some of  mother earths most natural healing substances lovingly and very mindfully alchemised into an incredibly affective Magnesium muscle balm.

Its a tub of so much goodness combined… I will list some of the ingredients and the benefits of each below.


Magnesium chloride… From the Dead Sea

Magnesium chloride is an ancient mineral salt from the Dea Sea. Magnesium is actually absorbed more rapidly and efficiently when applied topically to the skin. It is a highly important and vital mineral for life… Without it our bodies wouldn’t maintain fluid, conduct nerve transmissions or maintain proper kydney function. Amongst many other impacts.

Here are some bullet points on the benefits

  • relieves headaches and at times even migraines
  • fantastic for alleviating depression and anxiety
  • muscle and nerve function… Not only does it reduce pain it also aides in the healing of muscle tissue and
  • helps you sleep
  • has been linked to a 13 % drop in cancer amongst numerous studies
  • helps to regulate blood pressure
  • can elleviate period pain
  • fantastic for sore feet. Anyone who stands on their feet all day should soak or apply magnesium and feel the difference.
  • works as an electrolyte to aide water absorption. On that note it also helps the nervous system and energy pathways.
  • An amazing cleanser and detoxifier


Oils, Oils, Oils…. The essential oils in the balm and their benefits

Here’s an image of the ingredients… And I’m going to choose 3 of the essential oils used.. To just give you an idea of the benefits of the balm. Just to keep it simple and not natter on too much ?



This high vibrational oil has quite literally been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda medicine and for good reason…. It’s absolutely incredible!

  • great to elevate your mood
  • fantastic for skin repair
  • relieves pain from joints, injury, arthritis or general muscular ache
  • super for clearing up skin infections
  • used as a decongestant for colds
  • aides the digestive, nervous and circulatory system amongst much more!

Camphor oil

This incredible little  oil has long been used in muscle rubs and balms. It has some similar benefits to above … Yet also includes

  • anti inflammatory properties
  • nervous pacifier
  • boosts the circulatory system and metabolism
  • gives relief of cramps or spasms
  • and apparently can boost the libido ?

Eucalyptus oil

The amount of benefits that Eucalyptus oil has are astounding… I would deadset be going on all day if I wrote them all… This incredibly powerful and beneficial oil doesn’t only smell great …. It works!

here are a few related to the topic

  • Muscle and joint pain relief
  • natural anti inflammetory
  •  used for sprains, stiff limbs and ligaments muscle aches and pains and even nerve pain
  • used for asthma… Simply rub in a clockwise motion onto the chest
  • used for skin infections
  • Eucalyptus globulous  is particularly good for skin infections and breakouts such as acne… I’ve used it myself and it works!


There are are many other oils in the balm and all have relevant and amazing active benefits.

As the balm has been made from organic  raw ingredients and very Carfully  blended in moderate temperature you can be guaranteed you are getting an active and incredibly wholesome and affective product.

so if you get sore muscles, aching feet or joints, nervous tension or even would just like something that will help you feel calm and sleep well… Feel free to contact me.  As this awesome product has been undergoing testing the last month or so and this week has just been released

I love it… And I’m sure you will too.

I am looking forward to this incredible Collaberation with Tahi and Rose designs… And I look forward to sharing more with you in the future

Mahalo and much love to you all





  • Corbin Hayward

    May 14, 2016 at 10:01 am Reply

    I’d like to try some of that I’m to far away to come and see you if you send me some I’ll let you know how it goes ??

    • Arwen

      May 14, 2016 at 10:56 am Reply

      Sure thing Corbin. I post on Mondays. So will get a tub of it out to you this week??

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