” Healing the world, one KaHuna massage at a time”

” Healing the world, one KaHuna massage at a time”

Introducing ” A logo filled with symbolism”


As most of you know, I am an extremely intuitive and spiritual person, connected and resonating with all that is.

So I belly ached over a logo….. I mean, how on earth could I possibly conceptualise what I feel into a logo right???

Problem solved…. Super Intuitive Tara Scott from “Tara Lee Scott” used her own super intuition to zoom in on what I love and created a symbolism jam packed logo, specifically for me and my business.

I love love love it. And the funny thing is, the logo we used is the first she designed, straight off the back!

To get a little more in depth and give you guys a heads up on the symbolic means of the logo. I’ve decided to blog it ? In true Arwen form.

So….. Where to start

The wave

I Have strong belief that like all the cycles in this divine world we too ebb and flow like the tide and the phases of the moon…. I mean when you truly tune in you can feel it and once realised its much easier to work in with it and become aware of when you are in a true flow state or in need of a little “ebb time” which is perfect time for rest, reset and healing.

I’ve long had an affinity with the water and quiet often associated the surface with surface living and the depths with emotional living. The waves for me when I stand in their glorious crash have a distinct feeling of the power of beautiful sister sea and the way emotions and in coming obstacle can crash upon as… Representing force… And believe me it’s much harder to go directly head on into a strong force , creating resistance, especially up against natures forces. Oh she is mighty and going head to head with her in full roar is fierce… Yet when we dive in below the waves, we are transported into a space of calm, blissfully passing under the surface storm of the above waves, using the swirl of current underneath to pass under and pop up on the other side.  So waves for me represent respect of mother natures power and also the wisdom to be able to dive deep within the depths to go with the flow, rather than crash against it.

my dreams are often filled with water based scenarios… From feeling completely at ease within her depths searching or chasing beautiful shiny Ray’s of light… To being terrified of her strength and pummelled by the crashing waves… And at times gaining control over the currents and willing them to take me where needed. My love and respect for the water element has been a life long love affair of tumultuous passion and at times pure inner peace. I love all the elements equally as much.

The Colours

The colours reflected through the wave are based on the energetic colours of our metaphysical bodies Chakra system. I use to feel a little sceptical on this to be honest, until I actually began to see light body energy myself (a gift that comes and goes and I’m still learning about)

As dubious as I once was, there is no doubt in my mind now that as we resonate with a particular frequency or emotion of sorts our energy radiates in the form of colours.

The chakra colours are as follows.. Their meanings can be found online. Yet from my own personal experience they are very transient and in constant change as are we. And our emotions, diet , state of mind and activity seem to impact them constantly… You see we are an entire system and the entire thing works in unison much like everything in the universe.

Root Chakra is Red and our base chakra. Our most physical chakra often related to our security in life and grounding. Can become disbalanced with fears.

Sacral Chakra is orange and the home of our magnificent kundalini energy, creativity, self worth and passion.

Solar Plexus is Yellow and has to do with our Mana aka Qi energy.. Self power “I am” is a great Mantra for the solar plexus.

Heart chakra… Oh I love the green I see radiate from the heart. Our heart is an incredibly powerful energy field… Quite magnetic… That’s why manifesting works best when asked straight from the heart. A chakra filled with gratitude and joy. Quite often some pain associated with these things. Yet when open and clear can bring so much joy and love into your life… A true chakra of bliss

Throat Chakra is Blue blue blue, I often have trouble with my own throat chakra blocking. The throat chakra can become blocked when we fear our words have no value, an overactive throat chakra can make your words harmful or spoken harshly even dishonestly. The freedom of voice when your throat chakra is cleared is truly a beautiful and self empowering thing.

The third eye or pineal gland chakra is purple… An amazing vibrant violet really. This is located on the forehead and when you focus on the third eye area while meditating you may see the amazing patterns and colours in your minds eye. The pineal gland secretes the hormone which aides our visualisation and dream state. Quiet often associated with hitting powerful altered mental states. Fantastic for visualising and connecting to forces that I’m not yet quite sure of. But I sense them.

The crown Chakra beautiful radiating white.. I at times also see gold in this area. The white light energy is often associated with protection. And can be used to protect ones self from energy draining situations…you know the ones… When you spend 5 mins in someone’s company and you feel like you need a hundred years sleep because all your energy just got zapped while listening to something completely exhausting.  You can visualise and protect yourself from such interactions affecting you, by simply imagining a pure white dome of energy light covering your being. I often do this in gold. As to be honest when I see the crown energy it’s gold not white. But who am I to argue with thousands of ayers of Hinduism.

The Tagline “Healing the world one KaHuna Massage at a time”

This…. This is concept from Mette herself (my mentor, teacher and friend)

It has become a mantra of mine. And not in the form of I myself will massage the entire world… But that the work I do will have a ripple effect and inspire more people to bring the love, healing and Awarness to the world that KaHuna massage offers.

KaHuna massage is more than just a massage. It’s a lifestyle and a growth in Awarness of self, others and our connectivity with all that is.

This powerful Tagline  represents to me, the ripple effect of truly loving, embracing and healing one another and my personal goal is to generate a magnificent ripple that carries this pure delight far and wide. Touching as many souls and facets of this incredible planet with Aloha… Love… Acceptance…. Awarness

Love Love Love

such a powerful thing

and I want to see it ripple throughout the world, cleansing, healing and invigorating passions amongst people far and wide.

There are so many bad things happening on this incredibl planet… And to quote Mette herself… ” just imagine, if everyone on this planet, just received a KaHuna massage”

….. Yes…. Just imagine the state of connectivity… The bliss… The healing of giving and receiving… Men… Woman… Children. Lives improved with love… Magnificent unconditional love coming from a place of complete non judgment…

Hell yeah!!!!

“Healing the world, one KaHuna massage at a time”


Mahalo and big love people… I will blog tomorrow on th relevance of the amazing Sea eagle as I have run short on time






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  • Aimee

    March 29, 2016 at 4:13 pm Reply

    Totally inspiring, fascinating and super cool. I am blessed to be your sister and honoured to be loved by you.
    You are an inspiration to me continually.
    May the journey be fabulous and you and the KaHuna continue to spread the love.

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