The art of Balance

Sunday brought an element of serenity with it. Well…. After a hectic morning of Juggling kids, sports and technology. That very thing got me thinking on balance. So outdoors we headed. The change in how we all felt was instantaneous . The fresh air,trees, wild flowers, birds and butterfly’s...

“Healing the world and making a difference”

– Arwen your true nature is luminous!

So much gratitude for my treatment yesterday afternoon Arwen… Like synchronicity it was with perfect timing. I knew when I booked it would be a profound experience, you are one divine , incredible , insightful human & soul healing the world and making a difference. Your perception and methods are an absolute credit to you and your practice!

Thank you so very much… Namaste

November Newsletter

The November Newsletter is underway. The theme is The Sacral chakra. I love The sacral Chakra, and after a very mind open event in my last own personal development session, I became fascinated with it. I really look forward to sharing a lot of great ideas for balancing, opening...