Calendar for Massage Retreats, Clinics & Courses – Lomi Lomi Massage Nelson Bay

Calendar  for  Massage Retreats, Clinics & Courses

– Lomi Lomi Massage Nelson Bay

with Arwen’s Centre of Balance

located at The Healing Hub 2/9 Stockton st, Nelson Bay


Calendar for Massage Retreats, Clinics & courses – Lomi Lomi massage Nelson Bay


The Calendar for Massage Retreats , Clinics & courses is below. As more times, days and events are created. I will add them to this page. Simply follow the links to your desired Retreat, clinic, course or event.



January 2018 Heartworks Lomi Lomi Clinic and skill development day. Click here for details 

February 2018 Heartworks Level 1 Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat/Course. click here for details

March 17th Aloha day... a Lomi Lomi massage clinic set up to support existing students. This is a one day event where we can get together to nurture your gifts and practice Lomi Lomi Massage. And also learn a two on one sequence of what you have learned. Cost $80 per person.



May 24th-27th 2018 Heartworks Level 1 Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat/Course. click here for details


November 22nd-25th 2018 Great Spirit Massage Retreat and Course.. this incredible Course will take you to new heights ( Lomi Lomi or Ka Huna lvl 1 or prior learning required) Click Here for details

Dates not yet decided Turtle Massage… A style developed on water flow and deep work of th earth energy… The turtle massage takes your practice flowing into new depths ( Date and details yet to be confirmed) Watch this space. I will have dates and information up with two weeks.

More courses clinics and events will be added soon. And often updated as I tend to go with the natural flow of things.

Applications for a place on Lomi Lomi massage retreats & courses can be seen directly To Arwen via e,mail

Please include:

  • Your full legal name.
  • Phone number for Arwen to contact you and have a chat.
  • A brief outline on why you feel drawn to learning Lomi Lomi Massage
  • And if you have ever experienced a Lomi Lomi or Ka Huna massage


Your information is kept private and I will return phone calls to all applicants ASAP

Much love Arwen

” Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat & Certification”


Massage Gift vouchers

Lomi Lomi Ka Huna Massage Gift Vouchers


Massage Gift Vouchers


Aloha beautiful people are you looking for the perfect gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, or perhaps someone who you feel could truly benefit from a Massage and bodywork session with me.

Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Massage are bodywork sessions like no other. This is truly a unique gift.

Bringing a deeper connection and far better massage session through focussed attention, intention, gradual firm work to deep work, stretching and release of aches, pains and sometimes emotional or energy blockages.

Each of my vouchers comes simply and beautifully incased in recycled envelope with a charm and three crystal stones… but just like us… it’s what’s on the inside that counts… a voucher to a session of bliss, wellbeing and self healing.

Ive created this page to give a simple and effective way of purchasing gift vouchers for loved ones… no matter where you are based

My most popular gift vouchers are listed below, with the easy online options of PayPal, or paying with your credit card. Postage for vouchers is set a low $2.00 just to cover the cost.

However , local pick up can be arranged at 2/9 Stockton st Nelson Bay. Simply txt me directly on ph 0457424570

30 min isolated area massage or Polynesian floor massage and stretching session ( these are done fully clothed, so comfy flexible clothing must be worn) $65

1hr Either Fullbody relaxation and lymphatic massage or an option for reflexology magnesium foot soak and scrub combined with a firm to deep arm and hand massage. $120 ( perfect for the busy mum or business woman with aching feet or high stress levels)

1.5 hr Ka Huna / Lomi Lomi massage … full body sessions tailored specifically to the client , including some deep work and an all round great / Complete massage session. $150

2 hr full body Ka Huna , Lomi and stretch session  ( believe me , with Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi more is better) $180 (perfect session for deep work on athletes or people requiring emotional release as deep work is best done gradually and slowely or the body has an adverse reaction) 

You can purchase via the Paypal or credit card options below.

Be sure to leave instructions for postage. or txt me directly for local pick up

Aloha beautiful people… share the love





Bookings Lomi Lomi massage & Bodywork Sessions

Lomi Lomi Massage & Bodywork

Lomi Lomi Massage and Bodywork  is unique in its approach to dealing with the body, mind and energy levels as a whole.

Lomi Lomi  Massage is far more than a regular massage. It works your muscles, your frame, meridian lines / energy pathways. Fantastic as a full body lymphatic massage which aides detox and generally a great way to improve your immune system function. The depths that can be reached with This style massage are astounding. As it works greatly on warming and releasing the muscle and tissue fibres.

A journey of sorts. Aligning  the physical and metaphysical aspects of healing and bringing complete balance to the individual. Which in turn aides relaxation and healing on many levels.

An incredible relaxation massage therapy that takes you into a path of self awareness and empowerment. A fantastic body alignment and muscle tension relief.

Kahuna Massage and bodywork

Lomi Lomi Massage Session Options

  • 1hr full body relaxation Massage $120
  • 1.5 hr full body, head and feet relaxation massage and some deep work $150
  • 2hr full session includes entire body massage and alignment. Head, neck and feet. Energy body work session. Guided affirmation or meditation$180
  • 1.5hr pregnancy massage  tailored to you $150
  • 1 hr 4 hands Massage ( two therapists working on your body simultaneously for an hour… saving time and taking you to an amazing state of wellbeing and relaxation) $180 Thursdays and Mondays.
  • Couples  and group massage sessions also available. We can Massage up to 3 people at a time… inquiries and bookings must be made directly through Arwen Ph 0457 424 570 $90 per person per hour
  • Ceremonial massage session… this an experience to be had. Perfect for life’s big transformations and changes. Such as rights of passage. Marriages, important birthdays or perhaps simply a desire for an absolutely amazing experience. Usually about 2.5 hours long (sending on the individual) and this session is the only session of the day. So must be booked directly through Arwen via ph: 0457424570 $500
  • Lomi Lomi Courses & Retreats Click here for more info



Studio: Located at Anna Bay, NSW 2316, Salamander Bay, NSW 2317 and Newcastle.

My massage room is a sacred space, a warm clean and calming environment filled with cleansed crystals, relaxation music and the hint of the organic coconut oil I use for the massage. The perfect comforting environment to be completely at ease.

Bookings: Visit out bookings page to check available dates and book securely online

Enquiries: If you would like to make an enquiry, the contact form below is preferred. Alternatively you can call me or send me an SMS. Your enquiry is important to me, so if I am with a client and unable to take your call, please leave a message and I will get back to you at my very earliest convenience.

Telephone/SMS: 0457 424 570





kahuna massageAbout KaHuna Massage

KaHuna massage is based on the ancient Hawaiian and islander practice of Huna massage and lifestyle.

The massage is an epic journey of balancing and connecting the body, mind and spirit. The lifestyle intails much more yet the base is to practice every thing with love and gratitude.

With its long, flowing,firm and rhythmic strokes, a Kahuna massage brings relaxation to your mind and body. It balances the body’s energies and brings a sense of calm and harmony to the receiver.

The Kahuna approach combines the benefits of a full body relaxation massage with a complete body energy balancing.

My massage room is a sacred space, a warm, clean and calming environment filled with relaxing music and the subtle scent of organic massage coconut oil. It is the perfect comforting environment in which you can be completely at ease.

In Kahuna massage we listen to the body, environment and heart. Kahuna helps you to find the quiet time to reflect on what your mind, body and soul need to make their own wise decisions.

Every Kahuna session is different as it focuses on the specific needs of the client. However in general you will find that it includes:

  • Full body muscle relaxation massage.
  • Body alignment and stretching.
  • Lymphatic massage, reflexology, sinus and face massage.
  • Deep tissue, meridian line and trigger point release
  • Energy work/balancing, chakra healing, breath work and affirmation.
  • Guided and assisted meditation.

It can be used for a wide range of conditions including muscle tension and soreness (in particular necks, backs and legs), low energy levels and fatigue, depression, anxiety and emotional balancing.

Kahuna massage is my passion and lifestyle, a way of being and giving. I’ve been trained to focus on the Aloha spirit to bring love, gratitude and balance to the session. During each session, my sole focus is on delivering beautiful, positive energy to my client in the form of an amazing massage.

About Me

I was born Arwen Marree Molyneux-Davis, fortunately into a family that was full of love and believed in children learning to use their own minds. My family was not fond of the conformed structure of society, yet still managed a balance of working in the civilised world and raising my sister and I as very free thinking individuals.

From a very young age I was always adventurous, yet quite shy and emotional. Having come from a mixed race family, I became fascinated with the American Indian heritage of my father. I would spend massive amounts of time outside, barefoot, muddy, wet and even hunting every chance I got. I was naturally always incredibly connected to nature. It was and still is my retreat, my friend and where I go whenever I need some space.

I spent many years trying to conform into society and to be honest I never felt that I fit in, a nagging doubt.

When I was a teenager my family moved to Flinders Island ( just north of Tasmania) And my love for nature evolved into me working for Scotch Oak Burn College as an outdoor education and survival camp instructor. Sharing my knowledge of orienteering, rock climbing/abseiling , kayaking and outdoor survival with children in Tasmania.

Flinders Island was the perfect place to learn outdoor natural gear climbing. The rugged mountains offered many routes to climb and a good little local groups of climbers took me under their wing and taught me well.

I learned sea kayaking when I was living in Ireland, then became proficient in it once back home at Flinders. My partner of the time and I built Kayaks and paddled around the islands often camping and fishing etc. We also paddled the the incredible waters and Furneaux island group across Bass Strait. From Wilsons Promontory in Victoria to the northern shore of Tasmania. Visiting islands and camping along the way.

Jumping forward a few years, filled with life’s adventures of ups and downs. Becoming a mum of two incredible children. I yearned for something else. An evolution of my soul. I started with martial arts, which led me towards training in Jiu Jitsu. I love the sport with a passion. It has taught and will continue to teach me so much about myself and others also. During my Jiu Jitsu Journey, came an incredible realisation that I was very empathic, picking up on people’s energies and situational energies very easily. I was becoming more and more perceptive. So I began to research these things…. A guy from work mentioned Kahuna massage to me. I had never heard of it. Then within a week my sister also mentioned Kahuna to me. So I began to look into “what” Kahuna was. I was amazed and drawn to it instantly. I knew then that this was a very significant part of my very own journey. So with help from the powers that be and financial and family help from some very important loved ones, I booked into lvl 1/2 kahuna course at Mettes institute. Also known as “high sprits retreat” and my Kahuna journey began.

I became aware of so much more. It was like a fog had been lifted and I could see more clearly. I began to learn and work with energy, letting it flow freely and working on myself, in order to be able to share the amazing experience with all the people I can. It’s not just a job or a business for me. It is a life journey and a healing of self and others. It is a love and I feel that is reflected in my work. I truly love what I do and the amazing experience I am able to share with others. With all my soul.

This is me.

Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy & Training Nelson Bay

Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy & Training

At The Healing Hub 2/9 Stockton st Nelson Bay


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Lomi Lomi Massage & Training Nelson Bay